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Holbox Island Resort Xaloc
C/ Chacchi s/n esq. Playa Norte
Isla de Holbox. Quintana Roo. México 77310

0052 (984) 87 521 60
0052 (984) 87 521 54

Xaloc Resort

To rest and escape the stress



Juan Félix, Spanish architect, arrived from Mallorca ten years ago with the hope of finding the ideal place for build his own home. However, he found much more than it: he found Holbox, a hidden treasure of Mexico where is possible to forget all civilization, any cars noise, contamination, where is possible to forget the continuous movement of the world: a place he must share. That’s how Xaloc Resort was born; a hotel that it’s not only the result of a dream, but a great effort: Juan Félix personally supervised every detail of its construction, which was done manually, respecting the traditional ways of the island, without using any heavy machinery. With no doubt, it all is reflected in the own charm that Xaloc Resort has: every detail shows the love, care and dedication with which it was conceived, thought for make its guests feel the unique sensations that are felt in Holbox.