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Holbox Island Resort Xaloc
C/ Chacchi s/n esq. Playa Norte
Isla de Holbox. Quintana Roo. México 77310

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Holbox island

To rest and escape the stress



Fishing is the most popular activity in Holbox; their waters are rich in variety of species and in the quantity of them. The experience of fishing in the island and their surroundings may be something unforgettable by listening to the advices of the local people, because they know perfectly all the banks and techniques. Snappers, groupers, pompano, lobsters and more swim its waters, and become a delicious meal in the table.

Traditional fishing

Traditional fishing is the most common of all activities, especially in the hottest months: it’s during these months when the most common species of the area have a greater number of members. The best fishing season begins in April and ends in September. During the fall and winter, pieces are reduced in size and number, but not disappear.

Fly Fishing

Lagoon Yalahau is one of the best places for practice the fly fishing. Is in summer when is possible to find the bigger pieces. For be able to realize this activity, you must have your own equipment, because the tours don’t include it. Contact us with time of you want to organize this kind of fishing, because the most of the fishermen are engaged in traditional fishing, so in season, those who are specialized in fly fishing have very tight schedules.