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Holbox Insel Resort Xaloc
C/ Chacchi s/n esq. Playa Norte
Isla de Holbox. Quintana Roo. México 77310

0052 (984) 87 521 60
0052 (984) 87 521 54


To rest and escape the stress


Total Relax

Specific massage

Massage that combine diverse techniques of relaxation, like Reiki, Shiatsu, Reflexology and others. Provides comfort and relief.


This ancient Japanese therapy promotes physical and energetic rebalancing using contact (acupuncture by the thumbs) between people.

Relaxing massage

Designed to ensure a complete rest. Together with the benefits of aromatherapy this massage will make you forget the stress.


With the assistance of light, the blessing of the place and the teachers, the one receiving this massage will be in tune with the universal force (Chi-Ki).

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